Why do 80% of M&A transactions fail?

Because optimistic business leaders focus too much on executing the deal,
and not on front-end planning and post-merger integration

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How You Benefit

You can sleep at night knowing you have chosen the best, most strategic acquisition target.


You have effective strategic, cultural, organization, and operational compatibility.


You own a “killer” post-merger business that leverages the very best of both organizations and fully-realized synergies.


You enjoy an enduring business with strong revenue and share value growth.

We have a successful track record.

We’ve successfully led many companies through the M&A process – from planning through implementation. We know how to garner successful results longer after the deal is done.

Here are some examples of our experience:

For a single $1.2B organization, we led the integration of 3 acquisitions with a $600M total value
  • With over $85M planned synergies, we identified and realized an additional $26M in synergies over 18 months post-close
Led complex supply chain integration for a multi-billion dollar manufacturing organization
  • Realized cost savings of $30M in first year, plus $28M for the following 18 months
Led development of acquisition strategies and integration plans for several small- and mid-market clients
  • Identified additional unplanned synergies for each, ranging from 4%-21%
We possess the ability and experience to respond to your unique needs.

15+ years leadership in full enterprise M&A due diligence and integration management and execution

Broad international experience
25+ years in strategy leadership
Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts
Ground up development of M&A tools, process and procedures for companies ranging from $100M to $1.3B

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